Sunglasses are an integral part of any woman’s look, right? They help complete your look and act as a prominent accessory. Apart from being functionally beneficial, they add an extra layer of style to any outfit or any look. Talking about sunglasses, Ray-Ban has some of the best out there. Ray-Ban is an Italian/American luxury brand of sunglasses and eyeglasses. They’re known for their premium quality and contemporary style. Although on the higher side in terms of price, people are willing to purchase their sunglasses and frames due to the durability, long-lasting nature, and style. 

Before we dive in, buying sunglasses online can be tricky, without trying them out. That’s when it’s important to remember your face shape and choose a style based on that. 

Knowing your Face Shape

There are primarily four face shapes for women: heart, round, square, and oval. Based on the shape of your face, you can pick out a style that flatters your face the best. The following picture is a summary of face shapes and sunglasses that go best with each: 

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Measuring your Face for the Right Size

When it comes to the size of sunglasses, there’s a rather simple way to measure your face with a credit/debit card as well:

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Hopefully by now, you have an idea of your style and shape. So, let’s dive into some of the chicest Ray-Ban sunglasses for women?

1. Ray-Ban Unisex Oval Sunglasses

These Ray-Ban oval sunglasses are perfect to obtain a classy yet chic look. Being UV protected sunglasses, they’re great to wear when it’s scorching or just as an added accessory. You can wear them with a summer dress or dress up a classy denim jean look. Regardless of what you wear, they’re bound to draw some attention. They’re best suited for an oval face shape and the purple frame makes them pop. The frame is made of plastic and it comes with a 2-year warranty. You can buy these sunglasses online at Rs.7690* on Myntra (also available at Rs. 1346 / month using ZestMoney EMI on Myntra).

2. Ray-Ban Anti-Reflective Cat Eye Sunglasses

These Anti-Reflective Cat eye Ray-Ban sunglasses for women are made for people who want something extremely stylish and fashionable. You can dial up any look with them and make a statement. They come in different frame colors: Havana (shown in the picture as well as different variants of the same), Transparent Light Brown and Green; lens colors: brown, green, grey, and yellow. They are 54mm in size and have a brown lens. They are UV protected sunglasses as well as anti-reflective. These Cat eye sunglasses suit heart and square-shaped faces the best. Having said that, any woman will look extremely hip with Cat eye sunglasses. You can buy these Cat eye sunglasses at Rs. 8644* on Amazon (also available at Rs. 826 / month using ZestMoney EMI on Amazon).

3. Ray-Ban Rb3447n Flat Lens Metal Round Sunglasses

These Ray-Ban sunglasses are as chic as they get! A look that has been worn by legendary musicians and inspired by 1960s counterculture; these sunglasses will make you look uber cool. Their G-15 lens is engineered to give you the clearest and most natural vision possible, absorbing 85% of the visible light and blocking out most of the blue light, it provides remarkable color contrast and visual clarity. They come in sizes – 50mm and 52mm. They suit round, square, and oval face shapes very well. Although unisex in nature, they’d look super trendy on women. They’re in-style and highly sought after. You can buy these sunglasses online at Rs. 9440* on Amazon (also available at Rs. 902 / month using ZestMoney EMI on Amazon).

4. Ray-Ban Women’s Blaze Flat Lens Aviator Sunglasses

These unconventional Ray-Ban Aviators are modern yet ooze sophistication. They’re extremely versatile and will dress up any outfit. They are blaze gradient and will particularly suit heart, square and oval face shapes. Having said that, Ray-Ban Aviators are extremely popular and almost all face shapes look chic and stylish in them. The flat brown lens and Havana frame will give you a style that is as sophisticated as it gets. You can buy these Ray-Ban Aviators at Rs. 9621* on Amazon (also available at Rs. 921 / month using ZestMoney EMI on Amazon).

5. Ray-Ban UV Protected Unisex Classic Clubmaster Sunglasses

These modern Ray-Ban sunglasses for women are new and highly sought after. They’re both vintage and timeless with a sleek design that became an iconic part of 80’s club style. It’ll reflect your intellectual side yet make you look uber cool. They come in various frame colors: Black (as seen in the picture), Matte Red Havana, Blue, Brown, and Brown with flecks of Gold. Apart from being UV protected sunglasses, the G-15 lens is engineered to give you the clearest and most natural vision possible. It absorbs 85% of visible light and blocks out most of the blue light. It is known to give impeccable color contrast and visual clarity. Although unisex in nature, these glasses will look any women look sophisticated and very cool. Suited for round, square and oval face shapes, these would honestly look great on any woman’s face. You can buy these sunglasses online at Rs. 8001* on Amazon (also available at Rs. 769 / month using ZestMoney EMI on Amazon).

And there you have it, the best Ray-Ban sunglasses for women! Ray-Ban in India has become a favorite luxury brand. Its quality and style are spoken of very passionately here. So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab your favorite pair and complete your chic summer look! Do they seem too expensive? Don’t worry, we got you covered – you can create a ZestMoney account in 5 minutes and shop on easy EMI across Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Paytm, and 8000+ stores. 6 Million + happy customers trust ZestMoney for their EMI needs. Signup Now!

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*Prices are subjected to change.

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